Remember those cute little smock frocks from the early 2000s that we used to love to nearly every occasion? Well, ask your mom if she has got one of those stashed away in the back of her closet or storage, it is time to pull those out because the best smock pieces are making a comeback from the early 2000s. The simply adorable style of clothing is poking its head up again, slowly making it’s their way to the fashion and trend settings. Smocked dresses are here to back you up for just about any occasion, as they are almost plain dresses that can easily be paired with other pieces of clothing and accessories or worn just as they are. Smocked dresses will add cuteness and fashion points to your look along with providing airy comfort for your body to breathe. Here’s how you can pull out the best of smocked pieces from the fashion trends of the early 2000s and infuse them into your wardrobe today, without looking left behind.

Pairing with a pair of tights

#1 Pairing With a Pair of Tights:

A smock shirt or dress will go best with a pair of tights or leggings, or even pants, according to whatever fits the weather and occasion the best. You can experiment with different outfits with prints and patterns for an exciting look. You can match a printed smock top with a pair of simple, plain leggings, tights, or pants for an outfit appropriate for casual or semi-formal events. That, or turn it around and combine a simple smock top with a pair of printed tights, leggings, or pants for a funkier look. In that way, you’ll have an outfit ready in no time and almost no effort.

Dressing up with smocks

#2 Dressing It Up With Smocks:

If you are looking to prepare an outfit for an event a bit fancier or wilder than a shopping trip or a walk in the park, you can test out smocks with different, bolder designs. For example, you can wear a sequined smock dress coupled with a daring pair of heels, along with statement accessories. By using this idea, in a matter of mere minutes, you will have a perfect outfit ready to wear for going out partying with your friends. No need to fret about trying to fix up an outfit till the last moment anymore, smocks is here to save the day.

#3 Dressing It Down With Smocks:

While smocks can serve as a good backup for occasions like parties and such, they also are the go-to option for a casual or semi-formal event. For example, if you need to go out shopping with your friends or go on a little trip to the park with your little siblings on a pleasant sunny day, smocks will once again be there to have your back. Just team it up with a simple purse or handbag, a simple yet pretty accessory like a headband or bracelets, and a pair of seasonal sandals and you are ready to go make the most of that trip.

The perfect outfit for a date

#4 The Perfect Outfit For A Date:

Because of them being usually soft and simple, smocks can provide as the saving grace when it comes to choosing an outfit for a light, outdoors date. Coordinate a floral smock dress with a pair of summer special sandals, a half updo for your hair, and makeup featuring the tones of peach and pink, all of this combined together will give you a perfect, angelic outfit for an outdoor summer date. Throw in some bracelets or bangles, and add a purse to the outfit to make the whole look seem like there has been special care added to it, which will make your date appearance look more appealing, adding freshness and excitement to your special day.

A little bold touch to the simple smock

#5 A Little Bold Touch To The Simple Smock:

Smocks are usually simple and that is what usually upholds their elegance, you can, however, always pair them with a bold partner like a pair of high heeled boots to walk around in style and with each step carrying prominence. Another way to add bold style to your simple smock outfit is that you can pair it with statement bangles for an eye-catching look. If that is not enough, don’t worry, we’ve got more tips. A little bold makeup like noteworthy eyeliner or a daringly strong shade of lipstick paired with a smock will definitely make a statement in any occasion that you don that look to.

Perfect style for all seasons

#6 Perfect Style For All Seasons:

The best thing about smocks is that they work out with every season of the year. They can provide a perfect, light and hearty outfit for the summer season, as well as a strong and stylish one for the winter season. What you need to do to make a summer outfit out of a smock is to simply put it together with an airy pair of shoes and accessories of your choice, and you’ll have a minimal yet a chic looking outfit ready for a summer outfit. For a winter outfit, you can complement the smock with a matching jacket or coat, a pair of tights, and closed shoes for a simple yet beautiful winter outfit.


Smocked frocks and dresses were all the hype back in the 2000s, and now they’re rearing their heads up again and making a re-appearance in the fashion and trends of today. You can style up the smock of your preference with a stylish pair of bottoms or a trendy pair of shoes. Brighten up the look by adding a couple of accessories and you can create a perfect, lightweight and well-managed outfit. With the help of this guide, you will be able to bring out smocks more openly and stylishly, easily creating multiple chic looks out of them. So if you, your mother, or your older sister has got any smocks in the back of their wardrobe that were just too cute to throw out, this is the right time to take them out of their boxes and make good use of them as they are not just a thing of the 2000s anymore.