With summer finally here, it’s time to skip those tight-fitted leggings and pants and go for something lighter that doesn’t stick to your skin and gives your skin some air to breathe. Not only this, but culottes are pretty fashionable and trendy these days!

Culottes are pretty diverse in the sense that they can give you various types of appearances ranging from casual to formal depending on what you pair them up with. If you’re looking to wear a culotte a specific way, then you’ve come to the right place! Here are 5 ways you can wear culottes:

#1 Party-Wear

Culottes are great for parties because they’re pretty comfortable to wear and look amazing! When going to a party, wear culottes that have a uniform color throughout. Pair it up with block heels. The block heels should be high and the front should be simple, nothing glittery or too bright. Preferably, wear heels which have just one simple velvet strap in the front that runs across your toes. Diamantes on the strap are acceptable too. For the top, prefer a short, shimmery blouse that you can wear. Make sure the blouse has at least some ruffled parts like ruffled sleeves or a ruffled hem. You can also play with sleeve styles and use various sleeve cuts to enhance the look of your outfit. Now, let’s come to the hair and jewelry. You can either tie up your hair if you want a more formal party look or wear them down with curls for a rather casual party look. The jewelry should be minimal. If your neck is very bare, wear a decent high necklace. If your neck is already full, wear earrings that dangle. Last but not the least, don’t forget to carry a pretty clutch that matches the color of your outfit!
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#2 To a Date

Wear the culottes below that you can get from our website for only $32!

The cut in the front shows off your legs in a very sexy way. The fabric of the culottes is also very fancy and impressive. You should pair up these culottes with the exact kind of heels shown in the picture above. The heels could be a little fancier than this too, although not too fancy, otherwise, it will look like you’re trying too hard. Wear an off-shoulder blouse that will show off your collarbone and your shoulders. Let your hair down as it will make you look younger and more attractive! Wear delicate feminine jewelry and carry a clutch with you! You also want to make sure that you dress according to the place you’re going to. So, if the café or restaurant is a more formal place, go for a more formal approach while if it’s casual, you can alter this outfit for a more casual look! Apart from that, just be bold and confident. The rest of it will just follow!

#3 Out with Friends

When you’re out with your friends, you want a rather casual look. Therefore, you should go with striped culottes instead of homogenously colored culottes as striped culottes give a rather casual look. The striped culottes shown below can be purchased online through our website!

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When you’re going for a casual look, you have a lot more choices than for any other look! You can explore various top types, tees, shirts and other clothing items to find out what suits you the most. Wear rather comfortable flat shoes that you can easily walk in and won’t hurt your feet. Jewelry options are totally up to you but I’d say that you should wear minimal jewelry. Anyway, since it’s a casual setting, do you what you like and wear what you want!

#4 Office Meeting

Once again, you could make use of the high rise flared culottes that are shown above. Pair it up with a white button-down shirt tucked inside. Wear black heels with pumps. Tie your hair so that the front looks neat and tidy. You could keep the hair at the back open and flow down. Go for a delicate silver bracelet and do natural makeups look. This will make you look ready and perfect for the job! You will look neat, clean and organized, which is exactly what you want to look like in the workplace. Oh and not to forget, black culottes and a white shirt make an incredibly stunning combination!


#5 Family Dinner

For a family dinner, I would recommend any of the above culottes depending on the type of restaurant you’re going to. If it’s a very formal restaurant, then you should go for the party wear. Just lessen it a bit by minimizing the jewelry and wearing flats instead of heels. However, you could also go with the casual look if the place you’re going to isn’t too high-end. When you’re with your family, you want to look good while being comfortable as well. Also, I would prefer wearing darker clothes especially if you have younger sisters because food spills are very common no matter how good your table manners are and trust me, you do not want a stain on your light-colored culottes!


So, what are you waiting for? Head over to our online store and search for these culottes! The fabric is of very high quality and will not get worn out or eroded. Also, remember that what’s more important than anything is that you are confident in the clothes you’re wearing! Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re wearing too much or too less. Happy shopping!